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When you call DeHoog Metal and Marine Decking,  

you are talking to people you can rely on with 35 plus years of building 

experience, a proven record of honesty and integrity, and a company 

that sells only quality, time-tested products at competitive prices.



       When Arie and Janet DeHoog were newly married in 1971, Arie went into business for himself. He painted, added additions to houses, did roofing, and poured concrete.  In 1976 his brother, Earl, joined him and they formed De Hoog Builders.  It was a good partnership, with Arie building hog buildings and pole buildings, and his brother building homes. God blessed them with many busy and successful years. Arie put on so many metal roofs that he became a Fabral Metal dealer around 1980.  In 1996, a moratorium was put on hog buildings. Arie continued to build pole buildings, pour concrete and put on FABRAL metal roofing.

       About this time our area started getting several hurricanes. Many people were loosing their wooden piers over and over again.  Arie and his wife felt there had to be a better way to build piers.  Arie looked at the concrete slats he had used in the hog buildings, and wondered about using them in pier construction. He could see that they were solid, and had the added benefits of not splintering, not wearing out, and not warping, not to mention they stayed much cooler in the hot, summer sun.

       He heard about someone who had used the concrete slats in a pier, so he went to look at it.  It was solid, but not very attractive. Once home, he made changes in the design and came up with a pier that was not only solid, but also very attractive.  He then contacted some pier builders and his was the first concrete pier in our area to be built. Since his was built, the concrete slats were changed, with powder coated rebar on the inside for added durability to withstand the salt water conditions. 

       Arie retired from DeHoog Builders in December 2006, and in January 2007 he started a new business:  DeHoog Metal & Marine Decking, Inc.  Now he would continue to sell the quality FABRAL metal that he had sold for years and also begin selling the new concrete marine decking.  Pictures of his pier were shown by pier builders to potential customers.  Several people came by to see it and left determined to order one for themselves. One concrete pier was built in Belhaven.  When a storm broke loose a boat, the boat hit the pier.  The boat broke, the pier held.  The concrete pier business took off.



       Arie’s son, Craig, began working for DeHoog Builders when he was 15, working summers all the way through college when he joined the company full time.  A few years later, God presented an opportunity for him to marry Kelly Herrema and move to Michigan.  After a few years working for major construction companies, Craig decided to strike out on his own and started his own small business there.  Although this business was successful in providing for the needs of his growing family, the economy in Michigan grew so dismal that when his father called offering a partnership in DeHoog Metal and Marine Decking, Craig eagerly accepted.  He was excited that God provided an opportunity for he and his family to return "home", where winters didn't last so long.


       Arie and Craig have been working together again, now as partners, since November of 2008.  They enjoy serving the eastern North Carolina community and beyond and look forward to doing so for years to come.