DeHoog Metal and Marine Decking



This is a CF1 hidden fastener panel roof by CSI. It is Sage green and 26 gauge. This was a new construction job.



This is Fabral's 1 1/2" Standing Seam panel in Galvalume 24gauge. Some of these panels were about 46 ft long. The roof on the barn is the same metal although we didn't install it. On the house we stripped the shingles off and installed synthetic underlayment.




On this page are some projects we have done in the past with a brief description.




This is CSI's Copper Penny 4029 VR panel. It has exposed fasteners. We can field modify trims or have them custom made for areas like skylights and such. For this we took the shingles off and installed synthetic underlayment with higher traction which allowed us to be able to walk this 8/12 with no problem.




Both of these two roofs are Fabrals Grand Rib 29guage. Even this True Black is an Energy Star roof. The house on the left we took the shingles off, the one on the right we put 1x4's over the shingles.




Both of these two roofs are Fabrals Grand Rib 29guage. One is Hartford Green, the other is Classic Burgandy. Each is installed on 1x4's over shingles.




This is Consolidated CF1 26ga panel with the minor ribs in the flat. It is Antique Bronze.



This is Consolidated 4026 VR 26ga panel with exposed fasteners. It is Antique Bronze.