DeHoog Metal and Marine Decking


Marine Decking

Marine Decking offers a new, durable, low-maintaince solution for water front owners.  The concrete slats are marine grade with powder coated rebar to add strength and anti-rust protection.  They are stronger than other decking materials and the slits allow the stormy surf to go up through the slat rather than carry it off.



You can see the surf coming through with no problem



Concrete piers, boat ramps, and walkways are more environmentally friendly since there are not any chemicals leaking into the water as is the case with treated lumber piers.  They are more people friendly because they will not splinter and are very cool to the feet in the hot sun.  No more sprinting down the pier to get to the boat on those sunny, summer days!


 If you are interested in having a concrete pier, we will be happy to give you a list of quality pier contractors in your area who use our product.


Here are a few pictures of the installation process.