DeHoog Metal and Marine Decking


Terms of Usage

 Our normal rental terms are by the number of days a lift is used. If it sits for a rainy day or over the weekend, you don't count them. If you use the lift at all, it is a day. This helps us keep your cost down per used day. Normally we like a lift to be used several days to avoid charging a delivery fee. Contact us and tell us what you need. 


Forklift Rentals

We have several models of forklift for rent. A forklift is often more useful than one thinks. They provide a huge safety net by keeping a platform right below your area of work. The platforms are either 4x15. or 6x17, or 4x8. They also provide a large working space for your tools and materials such as putting siding on a house.

 Case  2 wheel drive  21 ft height  $75/day
 Case  4 wheel drive  21 ft height  $75/day
 Lull (Telescopic)  4 wheel drive  36 ft height  $100/day


Lifts Available


This forklift has the 6x17 platform on it. This gives enough room for sawhorses to hold plywood or metal on it while still working.


This forklift has the telescoping forks which work great at putting a load in hard to reach places.


Here is a great picture of using a lift to put on a metal roof