DeHoog Metal and Marine Decking


Metal roof installation

 There are many advantages to having a metal roof installed on your house. And there are many different options to choose from.




We service all of Beaufort and Hyde counties. Call us today for a quote on a metal roof on your home.


Marine Decking

Marine Decking offers a new, durable, low-maintaince solution for water front owners.  The concrete slats are marine grade with powder coated rebar to add strength and anti-rust protection.  They are stronger than other decking materials and the slits allow the stormy surf to go up through the slat rather than carry it off. See our "Marine Decking" page for more information.



Metal roofing sales

If you prefer to install it yourself, we will be more than happy to help you with all your metal roofing supplies.

Metal pricing can be very competitive. We offer many choices so we can meet your needs.

We also sell accessories to metal roofing such as insulation, pipe boots, and color caulking meant for metal roofing.

Please see our "Metal roofing" page for more information and call us for current pricing.



Lift Rental

We have multiple forklifts that we rent on a daily basis. A forklift will greatly speed up a job while adding a much higher level of safety. Because you can work safer, you can provide a better quality job for the customer. Click on the "Forklift" tab at the left for more information.